5 World Class Food Experiences You Can Easily Share With Your Mother

Written by Marco Morawec

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“If the food’s good, everything else works out”

What can I say? I live by that mantra, love good food and always look for the next new food flavor sensation. I’m even willing to risk spending a few days sick on the pot for a new tasty food adventure. But I also know that many of you are a lot smarter than I am and wouldn’t be so stupid eating crunchy Cambodian crickets, fantastic frogs or steamed sheep head in Morocco.

Because not everyone shares my passion for radical food I put together five World Class Food Flavor Experiences from Around the World. Those food experiences are so yummy and non-scary you could easily share all of them with your “no-strange-food-nonsense” mother. After all whose mother isn’t a bit hesitant when it comes to new food experiences?

So go ahead and relish in my close-up pictures of some of the best treats found around the world. They all have one thing in common: They are very affordable and taste mind-blowingly amazing. Bon Appetite!

Falafel with Hummus and Babaganoush in Jerusalem, Israel

I might go out on a limb here, but I’m convinced that Hummus and Falafel are to Israel what a good homemade Hamburger is to the United States. It’s awesome food and everyone loves it. Have a seat, pay the $4 and eat until you can’t see Hummus anymore.

Breakfast Soup in Pnomh Penh, Cambodia

Nothings says comfort food for your soul more than the breakfast soups throughout South-East Asia. It’s a calming morning routine slurping and savoring a bowl of fresh soup before heading into the never-ending street chaos that seems to hold all of South-East Asia in a ironclad grip.

This street joint I found along one of the busy streets in Pnomh Penh was a cut above all the rest: Freshest ingredients, a soup broth to tell your mother back home about and a $1 price tag.

Pastel in Fez, Morocco

Delicate, flavorful and filled with a mixture of spinach, pigeon and cinnamon. A real treat and best enjoyed on a roof top terrace, high above the old city looking down onto a bustling medieval looking street market. It’s one of Morocco’s favorite dishes. For $3 this treat can be yours.

Steak in Montevideo, Uruguay

The experience in the Mercado Del Este in Monevideo is best described in one word: Opulent! Big BBQs, even bigger steaks and red wine by the bottle. Come very hungry (the normal portion is a solid kilogram or 2 pounds of meat!), dive in and enjoy a food extravaganza like you’ve never had it before.

I went all out with Steak, Salad, Potatoes and a bottle of wine for $15. Obviously an expensive treat for a shoestring traveler like me, but an experience well worth the money.

Tiramisu in Rome, Italy

The Pompi Restaurant in Rome claims to have the best Tiramisu in the world. Pretty bold statement, but entirely true. Have a tiramisu at their place and you will end up like me: comparing every other Tiramisu to the one you had in Rome…and always coming up short. A real bummer, but hey at least you had the best Tiramisu in the world once.

The worlds best Tiramisu will set you back $3.50. Totally worth it if you ask me.

Now it’s your turn, what are your favorite foods from around the world?



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