Why Traveling With the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Rocks

Written by Marco Morawec

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“Reading and Traveling makes you smarter”

I’m a big believer in that statement. And a big part of getting smarter on the road is reading a ton of books. I read a lot of books, regardless if I travel or not. But there is simply no better time to read, then when you are kicking back in a hammock on an Indonesian island or in the jungle of Laos, with little more to do than enjoying your book.

However, the problem with reading good books when you’re traveling is that they are heavy and difficult to find once you’re on the road. Besides the few books you are willing to carry all over the place, you are at the mercy of random book exchanges and local book shops. Good luck finding anything of substance there.

The solution is to bring an electronic reader on your journey. You can carry all your must-read books and easily buy more interesting books online when you are traveling. That convenience is priceless to me and the main reason why I decided to buy an e-reader for my travels. After all, it sucks big time being stuck with a boring book in the middle of nowhere.

The Best E-Reader

When it comes to e-reader there are a lot of choices. I faced the many challenges of picking the right e-reader as well. But I did my research like the professional market researcher and consultant I am. Meaning, I went all overboard, and after compiling a sophisticated spreadsheet, taking over 30 variables into account, the Amazon Kindle came up on top.

Here are four of the key features that made the Amazon Kindle a winner for me


Reads Like a Real Book

The display is super crisp and the text reads like you’re reading off a regular book. To get the actual “book-feeling” and avoid flashing electronics in developing countries I keep my Kindle inside an old hardcopy book where the pages are cut out to create a little pocket. The perfect homemade cover for stealth and getting that real book feeling.

Amazing Battery Life

Many electronic devices need to be charged every couple of days. Not my Kindle. I read every day and maybe charge it once a week at the most. The battery life is simply amazing and not once did I run out of juice while reading my favorite books.

Super Fast and Simple Book Buying Process

Amazon is the leading book seller for no reason. With their “One-Click” buying process I buy new books, download them and start reading in less than two minutes. No matter where I am in the world, as long as I have a Wi-Fi connection. It’s amazing and makes me happy every time I’m off the beaten path and simply buy a new book in under a minute. Just think about how happy I was, when I ran out of a good book to read on one of my recent trips to a tiny Indonesian island and could buy myself the latest Malcolm Gladwell Book, What the Dog Saw in a few minutes. It felt like Christmas all over again!   (Note: If you opt to buy the 3G Kindle, you don’t even need internet to buy your books. Just access the 3G network and you are good to go).

Great Price

I bought my Amazon Kindle with Wi-Fi for $139 and immediately filled it up with 25 free e-books ranging from Charles Dickens to Herman Hesse. To take full advantage of my new e-reader I spent another $100 on Amazon to buy myself ten books (at $9.99) that I had on my personal must-read list. After that I was set to spend the next months in reading heaven.

So, if you love to read, get smarter while traveling and hate carrying a super heavy backpack, then buy the Amazon Kindle. Trust me and my spreadsheet, the Amazon Kindle will satisfy your inner bookworm and doesn’t leave you disappointed. After all, I have been using my Kindle pretty much every single day for the last 10 months and I still love it.

Now it’s your chance to be heard, how do you carry your favorite books while traveling?

Note: I promoted the Amazon Kindle because of my own satisfaction with the device over the last 10 month traveling the world. In this post I included my own Amazon Affiliate links. If you buy through my links you will pay the exact same price as everyone else buying a Kindle from Amazon. However the small commission that I receive from Amazon for referring you would greatly support my travels. Huge thanks in advance!



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