The World’s Best Street Food

Written by Marco Morawec

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The best street food in the World is found in Bangkok. Hands down, I have not been to any other place that offers such a big variety of flavors, tastes and experiences. Add to it that all the street food in Bangkok is easily affordable for a Shoestring Traveler on a $25 a day Budget like myself, and not even the World’s best Tiramisu in Rome can came close.

When you walk around Bangkok you will find food stands on every other street corner. Most of them are pretty good, but some areas in Bangkok rise above the others in terms of food quality and taste bud sensation. So if you are like me and love awesome street food make sure you don’t miss the places serving the world’s best street food.

Sukhumvit Street Soi 38

Located on a quiet side street right next to bustling Sukhumvit Street and only feet away from the Sky Train station, this area has a wide variety of street food. If I were you I’d start with a classic Pad Thai with grilled chicken on a stick as a side order. If you like to have a bit of salad with your food, go with the Papaya Salad and see how high your spiciness level really is. Be warned though, even if you tell them to not use a single chili pepper, your salad will still be doused in plenty of spice from the main salad preparation bowl.  Adding no extra spice is actually pretty hot already. If you want to feel like spiting fire for the rest of the evening, just tell them to add five chili peppers and find out how hardcore you really are.

Prices for a solid portion of Pad Thai run around $2, grilled chicken is about the same price and a Papaya Salad costs you $1.50. If you don’t care for the street food atmosphere but are more into ginormous portions, cross the main street and head into Sukhumvit 55. On the left hand side of the street are plenty of small restaurants serving bigger portions for less money with the same high quality.

Chinatown Main Streets

Street food in Bangkok’s Chinatown is the quintessential street food experience. You are literally on the street, just inches away from hundreds of cars, buses and motorcycles. The food is as excellent as the atmosphere around you. Be in one of the Chinatown main streets around dusk and see how street food places appear out of nowhere all around you. Recommending anything in particular would be stupid, since everything tastes so good. Walk around, eat a small portion at every stand and try to repeat that process as many times as you can. Trust me, you won’t regret it, the food is that good. If you still have some room in your stomach left after that, make sure to eat some sticky coconut flavored rice with Mango. A local specialty and one of the best deserts I’ve ever tasted.

Prices are probably the cheapest for street food in all of Bangkok. Expect to pay around $1.50 for any plate that you eat. If you go all out and order the biggest and most special plate of any street food cart, be prepared to pay a bit more, say $3.

Thanon Ratchadamri Street

Located right in one of the busiest parts of Bangkok and perched in between huge shopping malls this street comes alive for dinner with a whole string of BBQ places serving everything from fresh Talapia fish to chicken and unrecognizable slabs of meat for the adventurous of you. You are sitting on benches, rubbing shoulders with the locals, right on the sidewalk. The fresh seafood and fish is awesome at those places. Just go to the BBQ, inspect all the fish, flip them around and make your pick.

Plan to spend around $3.50 for a full seafood feast.

I hope you are as hungry as I am after reading this post. If you are already looking up the nearest Thai Food Place and are ready to run for a delicious Pad Thai, make sure you sign-up for my 25 Dollar Travel Newsletter on the sidebar before you run out the door. That way you can read my latest E-Book on “What to Avoid If You Never Want to Come Home Early From Your Travels” for free while you enjoy your delicious meal.

Now it’s your turn, share with us where you found the best street food in the world.



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  1. Morgan says:

    Jalebi Walla, in Chandi Chowk, New Delhi had the best sweets I had in India. Definitely worth doing there if you’re in Delhi. They make the jalebis fresh while you wait. This makes me want to travel again!

    • Marco Morawec says:

      Ah, I missed out on that one while I was in New Delhi! But all the delicious Lassis (yogurt drink) I had in India were priceless.

      The best sweets I ever had are the homemade Christmas cookies in Germany…nothing comes close to that.

      Have a good one Morgan!


  2. Scott says:

    Awesome tips man, I will probably be in BKK for the first time next Spring and will use this for sure. I am actually going to Mexico for the first time in 4 weeks, and I know they really well known for street food too, so I cannot wait!

    • Marco Morawec says:

      Hey Scott!
      Glad you liked my street food tips. Central and South America has great street food and if you make it down to Argentina and Uruguay the steaks will blow your mind. But all the South/Central American street food just cannot compete with what you find in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Either way – stay hungry my friend!

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