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5 Countries Anyone Can Travel on $25 a Day

11 September 2011


Machu Pichu, Peru and Marco

I keep repeating myself and I don’t care: awesome experiences in exotic places don’t cost a lot of money. It’s easy to travel around the world and stay under your daily shoestring budget if you know how to bargain on the road and save money while traveling. But even if you don’t feel comfortable calling [...]

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Why Traveling Really Makes You Smarter

2 September 2011


Sunset in Sumbawa, Indonesia

I am convinced that traveling makes you smarter. Or maybe that’s what I always told myself to justify my extensive traveling in the last 10 years. But after recently reading what Lonely Planet had to say why traveling makes you smarter, more productive and sexier (Sorry to disappoint, but the sexier part did not work [...]

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Why Traveling With the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Rocks

11 August 2011


Kindle Picture

“Reading and Traveling makes you smarter” I’m a big believer in that statement. And a big part of getting smarter on the road is reading a ton of books. I read a lot of books, regardless if I travel or not. But there is simply no better time to read, then when you are kicking [...]

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3 World Class Waves You Have To Surf in Costa Rica

9 July 2011


Set Wave at Witches Rock, Costa Rica

If you know anything about me, then you probably know that I love to surf world class waves. Even though I grew up landlocked in Germany and did not start surfing until I was 20 years old, I still managed to surf more world class waves than your average surfer. But don’t get me wrong, [...]

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3 Bulletproof Strategies to Saving 30 Percent of your Shoestring Travel Budget

24 June 2011


Bungalow above the Ocean, Bali, Indonesia

Did you know that you can save 30 percent of your shoestring travel budget when you arrive at a new location? Knowing how to save part of your travel budget whenever possible is an essential routine for every long-term traveler. Following such a routine will make a trip last longer and provide valuable cash reserves [...]

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Jumping on a Train in India

7 May 2011


Indian Family on the Train to Varanasi, India

Everything in India is bamboozling: from the number of people and hustlers around you to the simple fact of boarding a train. That’s exactly what I did for the very first time in my life in India: get on a stupid train. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well it isn’t when 2000 people want to jump [...]

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Long Term Travel Packing List

8 April 2011


Donkey in Fez, Morocco

“The lighter you pack, the happier you are!” After carrying my own backpack through almost 40 countries, I could not agree more with this statement. Especially when you plan on traveling long-term, say more than your average two or three weeks vacation trip, you have to stick to the pack light, stay happy motto. Before [...]

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Costa Rica – Arrival

8 October 2010


Arriving in Costa Rica was like a slap in the face right after exiting the airport! It was hot, humid, full of people, taxi here taxi there, the usual “good deal for you my friend”, somebody grabing your bag to carry it, someone else asks if you want girls…You get the point. Luckily the hustling [...]

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Falling into the “Travel-Hole”

27 September 2010


Falling into the “travel-hole” is what I think happens to everyone who experiences radical changes in a short period of time. For me this is usually the case during the first two to three days on a trip: I am all super-busy back home with packing, preparation, immunizations, saying good-bye to family and friends, wrapping [...]

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Preparing for Take-off

22 September 2010



Leaving any place that you lived in for more than a few months is difficult. If the place you live in is great, then you build friendships and connect with the place – you simply feel at home. Now imagine the place you call home is also paradise! And I mean literally: Perfect weather, some [...]

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