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Why Traveling With the Amazon Kindle E-Reader Rocks

11 August 2011


Kindle Picture

“Reading and Traveling makes you smarter” I’m a big believer in that statement. And a big part of getting smarter on the road is reading a ton of books. I read a lot of books, regardless if I travel or not. But there is simply no better time to read, then when you are kicking [...]

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Long Term Travel Packing List

8 April 2011


Donkey in Fez, Morocco

“The lighter you pack, the happier you are!” After carrying my own backpack through almost 40 countries, I could not agree more with this statement. Especially when you plan on traveling long-term, say more than your average two or three weeks vacation trip, you have to stick to the pack light, stay happy motto. Before [...]

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Gear review: Important equipment on the road

27 October 2010


I carry an awful lot of things with me on the road. Some items are used on a daily basis and other pieces go unused for weeks at a time. Now, what’s my most important piece of equipment? I know that my answer will surprise many of you (believe me, it surprised my as well!).

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What to Pack?

17 September 2010


Ever thought packing is easy, talk to my uncle who traveled around the world and offered this advice: “Bring two sets of cloths, when one set is drying you wear the other one! After a few weeks on the road you won’t care anymore!” With that in mind I hardly packed any clothes, but still [...]

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