Getting a Haircut in India

Written by Marco Morawec

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One of my favorite things to do while traveling is getting haircuts in the most random places I can find. It’s just a great adventure sitting down on a seat without knowing what kind of haircut you will end up with.

This time I found a hole-in-the-wall barber shop next to the Ganges in India. Actually, I did not find the place myself since the garage door was closed and my hairdresser of trust was sound asleep when I walked in. Having to wake him up and watching him drink four shots of local whiskey before he started cutting my hair just added to the overall experience.

Now it’s your turn, would you get a haircut in a place like this?


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  1. I have (& would) do a lot of adventurous things, but when it comes to my hair I am a complete wuss!

    • Marco Morawec says:

      Aloha Annette, I can totally relate…my first Haircut in Morocco was a bit sketchy too when the guy cutting my hair totally ignored everything I tried to tell him.

      Later I found out that there are two hair cutters in the village, each know how to cut exactly one hair style!

      Safe Travels!

  2. Scott says:

    I hadn’t really thought about this, lol. But yeah, I suppose I will need a haircut or two next year. I currently have pretty long hair but always have wanted to go for the “shaved head” look, so maybe that would be a first foray into foreign haircuts, since it really can’t be messed up, right? So, yeah I would give your boy a shot.

    • Marco Morawec says:

      Awesome Scott! Share some before and after pictures with us when you get around to shave your hair off.

      Safe Travels,

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