Eating Crunchy Crickets in Cambodia

Written by Marco Morawec

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Traveling the world is all about experiencing the food. And nowhere is this more true than in Asia. It’s the spices, the intense taste of strange food and the whole atmosphere that makes eating out in Asia such a great experience. But it is not just the regular food that’s so exciting. The strange, scary and radical food on offer is even more fascinating.

So fascinating in fact, that I could not say “No” to a bucket full of crunchy crickets. Now, if you followed my blog for some time you probably remember the times when I ate another cute Guinea Pig or scary steamed Sheep head. Me eating crunchy crickets should come at no surprise to you.

How did they taste? Like crunchy crackers with wings and tiny spiky feet.

Now it’s your turn, leave a comment and let me know if you would give crunchy crickets in Cambodia a try?

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  1. RISA says:

    Oh Marco. This is awesome BTW.

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